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Autonomous Fulfillment For E-Commerce Warehouses

Today, supply chains are under enormous pressure to keep up with ever-increasing consumer demands. Rapid e-commerce adoption, same-day delivery and omni-channel operations place many new demands on warehouse operations. As a response to this, supply chain executives tend to build bigger warehouses, increase their workforce or add complex technology to achieve gains in productivity. Even with additional investments, the problems cannot always be solved.

Automated picking systems in warehouse
Introducing Butler PickPal

PickPal is an automated picking system in warehouse . It works seamlessly with GreyOrange Butler Goods-to-Person System or goods to man automation for automated piece picking in warehouses. This robotic picking can pick, process, consolidate, and prepare orders in warehouses.

The system is best fit for e-commerce warehouse automation as it works collaboratively with a human operators to fulfill orders, increasing picking productivity from the same workstation. This automated picking system in warehouse from GreyOrange works seamlessly & efficiently with the Butler goods-to-person system.

Works seamlessly & efficiently with the Butler goods-to-person system

The Butler PickPal can work as a fully automated picking system. Alternatively, you can also work alongside human operators to deliver accelerated and improved picking performance with up to 2x productivity gains. The system delivers:

  • Higher picking efficiency

  • Lower cost per shipment

  • Reduces pilferage and mis-pick costs due to human error

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The Mechanics of Butler PickPal

Butler PickPal is an automated picking system. It works seamlessly and efficiently with the Butler Goods-to-Person system. Also, it processes and consolidates multiple orders simultaneously.

  • Items are accurately identified from the MSU using sophisticated machine vision algorithms.

  • Identified items are accurately grasped from a densely packed MSU using a collaborative robotic arm and a set of complaint grippers.

  • Items are dropped in totes or corrugated boxes after the barcode is scanned and sent for packing.

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