Enabling distribution efficiency for Consumer Product Goods company

A consumer goods leader in Gartner supply chain top 25

The MNC is one of the largest FMCG companies in India with a portfolio of over 35 leading brands across 20 distinct categories including a leading brand of cosmetic. The customer faced major challenges with limited control over inventory leading to high inventory load and duplication.

  • Problem Statement
  • High lead time to pick and put operations increased the overall turnaround time. Visual put away of material in the manual operations, where operators searched for empty locations, were building inefficiencies in the process.
  • In the manual operation, serviceability was only possible in cases which limited customization, making the system less adaptable to increasing demands.
  • Mixed batches of SKUs at the same location affecting traceability.
  • There were increased touchpoints on finished goods which made the process prone to errors.
  • Benefits Delivered
  • The GreyOrange Butler Robotics system enabled complete visibility on stock in hand and movement and better control of inventory.
  • Complex handling capability was secured enabling bulk breaking and handling multiple order consolidation.
  • Supply chain cost per shipment reduced in order preparation.
  • Faster Picking and Put away results in significant reduction in turn around time resulting in on-time dispatch and increased productivity.
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