Directs Picking, Put-away and Sorting Processes

Picking and replenishment processes account for up to 70 percent of operating costs in a warehouse and remain the top priority for warehouse professionals. Industries increasingly rely on innovative solutions as they continue to reduce pick and fill costs and increase worker efficiency and productivity.

GreyOrange PPTL

Pick-Put-to-Light (PPTL) system is a proprietary technology of GreyOrange that improves operator’s productivity and enhances efficiency. The directed picking, putaway, and sorting processes help operators minimize errors, speed up the cycle and improve order processing accuracy while improving overall productivity.


  • Efficiency

    Increases the order picking efficiency.

  • Accuracy

    Ensures avoidance of errors while continuously sorting thousands of packets.

  • Integration

    Integrates with most popular or proprietary enterprise systems.

  • Flexible

    Supports custom process flows,as per customer’s business needs.

  • Rugged

    Simple yet robust system that is maintenance free and offers easy troubleshooting.

  • Reliable

    Highly reliable system that ensures minimal downtime of your process. Thus, GreyOrange’s pick-to-put-light system are a perfect fit for your industry.

System Functionality

How pick-put-to-light system works

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